More than one way

Ok , this is for my boatbuilder friends . I’m looking at this beautiful Alden schooner , around 60 feet , tied up in st George’s so of course I start talking with the guy in the cockpit trimming a drawer with his lie-Nielsen skew angle block plane . who built her ? I did he says matter of factly . The quality and the details are really impressive . I’m thinking this must have taken many years to build . How long did it take you ? Three winters he says . I had a part time helper one winter , he says . I’m incredulous , really ?. Then he starts by telling me the frames , all laminated , are dovetailed into the keel . All the deck beam ends are dovetailed – yeah , he says , it’s the only way I could do it so quickly . After I figured out how to figure the angles it only took a few days to fit all the deck beams with a jig and a router . Then he tells me he cut all the rolling bevels and the caulking seams on the planks with a custom cutter in one pass . Inch and three eighths I believe . He said he really likes routers .The guy and the boat were really something . I think he said the article was in 2004 woodenboat . Matt Murphy , who wrote the article
he said is a good editor but he really didn’t know much about boatbuilding . The name of the boat is heron , ; you can google / you tube her. And his name was twig , I swear. He said she was alden design 300 something so I think she was a malabar from the 20’s . I’ll post a picture of her



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