20140402-195437.jpgeach island community has its own mix of traditional kuna and technology . I was talking to Giovanni who had paddled a mile or two from mamitupu to achutupu to see his espoza who was pregnant with their first child . Do you know everybody in achutupu ?, I asked . He smiled and said yes . So I looked him in the eye and I said e-v-e-r-ybody ? Big smile . Yes . Kids grow up in communities without strangers , without vehicles , surrounded by beach and ocean . I saw a lot of little kids flying kites . And when I looked at one up close it was a bit of plastic shopping bag , sticks and string . It flew great . Kids canoe daily with mom and dad . Still , They love the new technology of tablets and smartphones . Mostly all solar powered . So they paddle everywhere , transport water in canoes from the mainland , use photovoltaics and digital Internet to stay connected to each other and the world . My impression is that they are very social people . They live very close together . I don’t know how land / house ownership works there yet . But only Kunas can “own” land and Kunas aren’t generally permitted to marry non Kunas . The degree of adherence to tradition varies from island to island .


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