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Drake the snake

So what do you take with you if you are outfitting for an open ended voyage of several years around the world looting and plundering as you go ? Well , if you are Francis drake you bring an artist , a writer , a doctor , an astrologer and musicians . Ya gotta love the guy . Wherever he met locals along the way he would would party down with his own band (, as well as trade .) . Skiffle music perhaps ? I vote for jimmy page or Keith Richards for the movie . Maybe both .The sultans of the real indies especially loved doing business with the mad dog Englishman . I don’t know the current crop of youngish actors . Who’s quirky enough to be drake ? I kind of picture a young Nicholas ( Coppola ) cage . I think drake was in his thirties ..short and red headed….. />


I plan on leaving taganga tomorrow and most likely I will head straight for the eastern end of the San blas islands . Without looking , I think it’s about 300 miles . I looked at passage weather site yesterday and it showed a break from the usual 30-35 knots off this part of Columbia starting tomorrow for a few days . It will be interesting going from desert to rain forest . I’m ready for a change but will probably miss all this crushing UV . If you want to see the trip in real time it should be on the Delorme ( in reach ) map web site . Try attaya or my name . Sorry I can’t be more specific , I’ve only tried on my computers , if you have trouble let me know and I will try to provide better info . Hopefully , it will work , and I will remember to keep it on .